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Content Audit & Strategy

Content is at the heart of all your outreach activities – blogs, white papers, thought leadership, sales collateral and even that cold email campaign.

So how often do you pause to take stock, review, make adjustments and move forward? If you’re looking to improve your performance, a content audit might be just what you need; if you haven’t done one in the last 6 months.
Why, you ask?

        • To look at your content engine objectively and see how well it aligns with your GTM strategy
        • To ensure you’re creating the right content for your target segments and evaluate what resonates well with your audience
        • To pace out your new content generation and balancing it out with repurposed/borrowed content
        • To balance your content quality vs quantity
        • To track the kind of content that’s bringing in traffic to your website or influencing business
        • To analyse the kind of visitors your content brings
                • Are your visitors in the early stages of your brand journey or ready to convert?
                • And to adjust your content delivery accordingly to progress your leads further through the funnel

What will we do?
An end to end audit of your content, from website to blogs to ebooks to videos to any/all formats of content currently in use.We’ll pour through your content, your strategy documents and come up with a content audit report that includes:

    • What’s working
        • How can you make it better?
    • What’s not working
        • How can you make it work?
    • What else could/should you be doing to keep your audience craving for more?

How long: 2 Weeks
Where: Virtual (Can be done remotely via zoom/slack/miro etc.)
Cost: 2500GBP|3200USD



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