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Growth Strategy

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Strategy

Everybody talks about Account Based Marketing. You’ve heard the hype and of the tools behind it. But you know tools are only a means to an end, and that ABM is not just about the tools.

What will we do?

        • Work with you to understand your positioning, core markets and ideal target personas
        • Build list of target companies/roles within existing clients as well as net new ones
        • Research target segment organizations to map key stakeholders and decision-makers
        • Test out individual messaging for different profiles within the decision-maker matrix
        • Capability audit of the existing martech to accommodate specific ABM outreach campaigns and analysis
        • Process set up for Sales and Marketing
        • Deploy, test and iterate

How long: 3 Weeks
Where: Virtual (Can be done remotely via zoom/slack/miro etc.)
Cost: 4200GBP|5400USD

Let us help you successfully plan and execute an end-to-end Account-based strategy together.

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