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Marketing Automation

Design Marketing Automation Architecture

Marketing Automation software is a substantial investment – in terms of systems, processes and capability. If you’re looking to incorporate Marketing Automation into your Marketing systems, we can help. Together we can build an automation architecture designed optimally and aimed at bringing efficiency to your business.

What will we do?

        • Engage with key Sales and Marketing stakeholders to understand the current marketing and sales process
        • Set up processes/discussions around:
                • Ideal lead funnel (based on business requirements)
                • Lead scoring and lead qualification
                • Sales handover and follow up
                • Opportunity and stages
                • Nurture and engagement
                • System integrations between CRM and other martech systems
        • Deliver a schema of the marketing and sales process flow, with systems at the core.

How long: 2 Weeks
Where: Virtual (Can be done remotely via zoom/slack/miro etc.)



Managed Marketing Operations

Does your marketing team have the right capability and bandwidth to give marketing operations the focus it deserves?

How do you ensure your Martech ecosystem runs smoothly, the systems within are talking to each other, the automations firing when they need to, the scoring done right, the handovers slick and empowering the sales team to get the most out of it?

We can help you with all of the above and more.

What will we do?
Manage your end to end marketing operations, with dedicated focus on the:

        • Marketing Operations process flow
        • Lead Management and Segmentation
        • Manage the marketing/lead funnel
        • Metrics and Reporting
        • Systems overview and monitoring

How long: TBD
Where: Virtual (Can be done remotely via zoom/slack/miro etc.)
Cost: TBD



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